Lobbying: Call on the Prime Minister to deliver a fair funding settlement

Since Government cuts began in 2010, Derby City Council has had to cut millions of pounds year after year. In the last five years we have already cut £116 million and now we are required to make further cuts of £45 million by 2019.

Now’s the time to act. Please write to the Prime Minister urging him to intervene to give a fair deal to cities like Derby, which have seen significant reductions in spending power, compared to increases in his own West Oxfordshire constituency. It will only take a couple of minutes but could help protect our city’s most vulnerable people.

The Downing Street web form allows you to send a brief message to the Prime Minister.

If you are able to send a letter by post, which would have more impact, you can write to:

10 Downing Street

Write your own, or copy and paste the suggested text below:

Dear Mr Cameron,

Government cuts are damaging Derby. Since 2010, Derby City Council has been forced to make £116 million of cuts to services, with a further £45 million to deliver by 2019. As a result, valued public services are under threat.

I believe that further cuts to local government are unfair and unsustainable. With people living longer, poverty increasing and the economy stagnating, the demand for support will only grow and the pressures on local authority services increase.

The Fair Deal for Derby campaign showed that unitary authorities have been unfairly treated compared to councils in the South East. It also showed that urban authorities like Derby had seen significant reductions in spending power, compared to increases in your own West Oxfordshire constituency.

I was shocked to see that Derby and other key cities did not receive a penny of £300 million of transitional funding announced in February 2016, with 83 per cent going to Conservative authorities.

A fairer funding settlement is needed if councils are to meet their legal responsibilities to vulnerable children and adults, whilst also providing those discretionary services that make cities like Derby a great place to live and work. The Chancellor’s Adult Social Care precept is too little, too late and greater local taxation is not the answer to a national crisis.

I urge you to intervene to give a fair deal to cities like Derby and provide a funding model that is sustainable, flexible and appropriate for local circumstances.

Yours sincerely


Writing to your MP

Writing to your MP is a great way to raise awareness of the severe cuts to Council services that Derby is facing and call for a Fair Deal for Derby.

If your MP then writes to a Minister on your behalf they will receive a reply signed by the Minister. A letter sent directly to a Minister will probably only be seen by a civil servant.

Things to remember:

  • If you’re writing a letter, address it to the MP’s name followed by ‘MP’. Eg Joe Public MP.
  • Keep it brief, firm and polite
  • Focus on your personal experience and the strength of local feeling
  • Ask your MP to contact the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government with your concerns

A handwritten letter always has more of an impact, so please write to your MP’s constituency office, or to:

The House of Commons, Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA.

Alternatively, you could send your message by email

Sample letters

You can also download a sample letter.

Local people deserve better. Sign the petition calling on government to end discrimination against the people of our city.

Derby is facing severe cuts in Council services because the government plans to axe even more funding. For the fifth year running, our Council is suffering far more savage cuts than those in the south .

We want government to know how many of you support our campaign to get a Fair Deal for Derby. Print off and complete the petition form and return it to:

  • Derby City Council, The Council House, Corporation Street, Derby DE1 2FS
  • any of our Council offices
  • your local library
  • your local housing office
  • or the Customer Service Centre at The Council House.