East Midlands welcomes Defra & EA guests

Betsy Bassis, Chief Operating Officer for DEFRA, Mark McLaughlin, Defra Chief Finance Officer and Bob Branson, Director for EA Finance visited the East Midlands on Wednesday 27 July. In the afternoon, our three guests went to Derby to see the exemplary partnership project, the ‘Our City Our River’ scheme.  Derby City Council and Councillor Martin Rawson kindly hosted the afternoon where they were shown the important work being done to protect properties across the city including the current construction work of phase 1 of the scheme.



Mark said, “the visit to the ‘Our City Our River’ project on the Derwent in Derby showed how partnership and imagination can kick-start something that will make a huge difference to the City. The waters of the Derwent were used to start the industrial revolution, but the river has been hidden and forgotten for years. The commitment of the City Council, working with Defra and the EA shows that we can combine flood protection, environmental improvement and regeneration and put this historic river back into the heart of the City it gave life to.”

Paul Lockhart


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