Evidence supports message for Fair Deal for Derby

Research by the Institute of Fiscal Studies has heaped more evidence in support of the Fair Deal for Derby campaign.

The institute found that local authorities’ spending per person had been slashed by 23.4 per cent in real terms during this parliament, while more deprived areas and those with faster population growth – cities like Derby – have seen larger cuts.

Researchers also warned that further cuts planned by the Government for 2015-16 would generally be focused on those same authority areas that have already been hit the hardest.

That could be bad news for Derby and its residents. When Fair Deal for Derby was first launched back in 2012, the cut per person was around £75.77, compared with just a few pounds in wealthy southern areas.

Since then, the cuts have only got deeper, with £96m slashed from the council’s budgets in the last four years and another £69m due to be taken from the city by 2018.


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