Take part in our Online Budget Simulator

Our online budget simulator is your chance to take a look at our budget alongside all the services we offer and decide where you think we should be saving money.

Simply head over to our online budget simulator and follow the guidance below:

  1. Your challenge is to balance the Council’s overall budget by £60m by setting your budget for services and raising fees, charges and Council Tax
  2. At the start you will be presented with a list of Council service areas. For each area you can choose to increase funding by 10%, keep the funding at the same level, or decrease it by 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%
  3. The consequences of each change in funding are displayed in summary or in detail when you press the ’more information’ button – this will help you make your decision
  4. In addition, you will see options for Income Fees and Charges and Council Tax. By clicking on these, you can choose to increase specific income, fees and charges or Council Tax. The impact will be displayed in the consequence box.
  5. As you make your decisions, you will see the total expenses and the overspend at the top of the screen to see how far away you are from balancing the budget. Once you have achieved a set level of savings you will be able to ‘review and submit’ your budget
  6. Your opinions matter so please help us by telling us where you would spend the money!

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