Cllr Banwait and Rawson at parliament
Making the case for fair funding face-to-face with those in power – Sept 2015.

Since the Government cuts began in 2010, Derby City Council has been obliged to reduce services to Derby’s residents by millions of pounds year after year. In the last five years we have already cut £116 million and now we are required to make further cuts of £45 million by 2019.

More information on how we are funded, our financial pressures and how the current budget is distributed can be found in our Big Conversation leaflet.

We believe it’s our responsibility to tell the Government where Derby has been unfairly affected by the cuts which is why we launched the ‘Fair Deal for Derby’ campaign.

We believe Derby’s case is strong, we are lobbying the Government regularly and will continue to seek a Fair Deal across Local Government.

Given that the vast majority of the money local councils spend comes directly from central government, I recommend that you view the ‘Game of Cuts’ video – this shows how cuts affect you and highlights the relationship between central and local government.

If you want to make your views known to the Government you can download a copy of a the Fair Deal for Derby petition. Completed petition sheets can be returned to Derby City Council, Derby City Council, The Council House, Corporation Street, Derby DE1 2FS and other Council offices.

You can also tell us if you think Derby is getting a fair deal and provide your ideas for next year’s budget on our Big Conversation page. This is your city and this is your opportunity to become involved.

Cllr Ranjit Banwait

Leader of Derby City Council



The document presented to the Government Minister in September 2015 set out the factually accurate financial position of the Council at the time.  Since then, and following further representations to government and many difficult budget decisions, on 3 February 2016 the Council set a balanced three year budget.  The Council budget reports are available on the Council website.

Martyn Marples

Director of Finance, Derby City Council


2 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. Hi Mark, there is a copy available to download which you can send back to us. There is also a copy of the petition available to sign in the Council House reception. We’re glad you’re supporting our campaign for a Fair Deal for Derby.


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